Museums in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous for its relaxed atmosphere, canals that were beautiful and its love of biking. With plenty of lush parks, wealthy museums and nightlife, Amsterdam is among the most tourist cities in the world. There really is something for everyone here. Cycling – there is no way, and Amsterdam is the main city on earth. Bikes have the principle of the roads over pedestrians and vehicles. Cycling is a vital part of the city’s culture, and you’d be missing out if you do not travel by bike. The first place you must go to is your bicycle rental shop you arrive in Amsterdam.

Anne Frank House – when visiting the town museum and Amsterdams is an experience. The museum is devoted to world war II’s icon. The Anne Frank Museum offers an adventure, during the Holocaust while comprising quite a few key items maintaining her hiding spot. The museum is among the very most important sites within the nation and promotes a discrimination message.

Museumplein – Really the centre of Amsterdam, Museumplein comprises 3 of the museums. The Rijksmuseum is the pre-eminent museum, with specialisations in history and art. Having opened in Amsterdam in 1808, your Rijksmuseum boasts a vast collection of Dutch art, it’s very notable work being Rembrandts iconic The Night Watch.

The Van Gogh Museum has opened in 1973, is devoted to the iconic Dutch painter. The country most viewed museum, it boasts a considerable collection of your artists work as well as that of a number of his contemporaries.

Lastly, there’s your Stedelijk Museum, your city’s pre-eminent modern art museum, which boasts work from a number of iconic 20th Century painters such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning also Andy Warhol. For all those in search of a considerable cultural fix,

Museumplein ticks a number of boxes. De Wallen – Amsterdams Red Light District, from your outset, conjures up images of sleaze also depravity, however, this is far from the case. De Wallen is among the city’s most intriguing areas, having undergone a considerable clean-up in the latest years. The area is home to some of your city’s best bars and restaurants and a number of left field museums like your Erotic Museum and your Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum.

Probably very picturesque urban parks in your world, Vondelpark is a core component of Amsterdam life, transforming in your summer with public holidays like Kings Day having a large presence at your park.