COVID-19 Amsterdam

Coronavirus measures in brief

Read on this page what measures are in place in the Netherlands. These measures are in place from Friday 25 February 2022.

Advice on limiting the spread of the coronavirus

All locations open

All indoor and outdoor public spaces such as restaurants, bars, cinemas, theatres, music venues and professional sporting events are open to the public without limitations. The rules on showing a coronavirus entry pass, assigned seating, wearing a face mask and keeping 1.5 metres apart will no longer apply and capacity is no longer limited.

Pre-admission testing (1G)

Anyone going to a large-scale event must show a negative test result. This applies to indoor locations with more than 500 visitors per event and without assigned seating. For example, at a nightclub or a live music venue.

Face mask requirement

It is mandatory to wear a face mask in and around public transport, in all areas inside airports and in aircraft.

Travelling abroad

Check the travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before travelling abroad.